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Mission Statement

Perfect Play Athletics Foundation (PPAF) is a community driven organization. Our main objective is to teach various skills to young athletes, while carrying a focus and drive to create a solid athletic platform within the South Bay Los Angeles, CA area creating affordable competitive baseball and softball to anyone!  We stress core values and sportsmanship in a competitive, fun driven atmosphere. Our focus is to develop youth from a wide array of communities to become valuable members of society by baseball and softball as the conduit.  Our staff believes that an uncoachable kid becomes an unemployable adult. 

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Help give back to our programs by purchasing this gift bag set. Use the registration purchase link to the left of this text.

Hardy and made of great material for use at the gym, ball field, office, or on the go. Package consists of  a drawstring athletic bag, aluminum water bottle, and cooling towel for only $20. All proceeds from your purchase directly benefit the PPA Foundation programs. Thank you!

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A Special Thanks to The PPA Foundation Sponsors! We are only able to do what we do because of them. Please be sure to visit their websites and locations.

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